Why Computer Science?

In today's world, people are relying more on computers than ever before. The demand for software to control these computers is growing and these programs are required to be finished in a shorter period of time. This demand has given rise to Computer Science, which is geared to solve the problems of meeting these demands.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of programming, or computation. Computer scientists are interested in what problems can be computed and what problems can’t be. They are interested in how long it takes to compute them and the resources needed to compute them.

Computer scientists must look at a broad range of topics to gain an understanding to solve these problems as optimally as possible. Topics include computer systems, logic, software engineering, algorithms, artificial intelligence and of course, programming languages.

What is the aim of this site?

This site’s aim is to give you an understanding of Computer Science and also to help you understand why it is important.